New Spendor A6R and D7

Spendor A6R

The A6R is a major uprade on the original A6 loudspeakers. The new design incorporates a a new 18cm main driver that has been derived from the development of the new D7 loudspeakers. The X-over has been completely redesigned and has a gold x-over network and monoblock construction.

On listening we have found these speakers offer a massive sound stage, sweet detailed top end and excellent bass extension for a cabinet of modest proportions.

A Huge improvement on the old A6. A demonstration is highly recommended.

Spendor D7

The D7 is a completely new design from Spendor.

They incoporate the new LPZ tweeter, a polomer mid bass driver and a bonded Kevlar bass driver.

We have had these speakers in our main demonstration room for over a week now and have found the sound to be very open and detailed with an expansive sound stage. The top is amazingly sweet and intergrates seamlessly with the smooth midrange. The the bass extension is tight and fast and goes down seriously low for a speaker of this size.

The finish on our premium dark speakers is outstanding.

Being a Spendor end user already I am tempted to take these home. When I do I don't think they will be coming back.