Get your white socks ready. We're having an Eighties-fest!!

Hi everyone

Thanks to a recent haul at a local charity shop, we've been indulging in Eighties music all week. We've had a choice from the sublime to the quite frankly terrible, but we'll let you decide which is which.....just have a look at some of the sleeves below the system!

The records have been rotated on our trusty Michell Gyrodec equipped with an Ortofon Rondo Red cartridge. This running through the superb Project Phono Box RS into the gorgeous Chord Electronics CPM 2650 integrated amp, and finally bombarding our ears through the Focal Electra 1028 Be loudspeakers.


This system sounds just wonderful! It's been giving us a healthy dose of enjoyable nostalgia all week, why not come along and bring something you'd like to hear.