Music Maniac Headphones

It is rare for us to stray from the usual (but generally excellent) suspects of Sennheiser, Grado and B&W headphones but when we heard the new Denon AH-D130 closed back headphones we were so impressed we new we had to stock them.

Priced at just £179 these are astonishingly good value. The sound is truly engaging with a wonderous punchy bass. They bring a smile to your face!

For use both at home and with portable players (control of iPod/ iPad plus a microphone for i/Phone).

These may also be the most comfortable headphones you will ever wear.

Denon studied over 4000 pairs of ears (seriously)! before coming up with their pentagonal shaped ear pads and memory foam cushions.

Pop in and have a listen for yourself. They might make you smile as well.