Cyrus Signature Series Has Arrived!

We're big fans of the Cyrus range and as a result we've become a Signature Premium dealer which gives us 

access to all the products in the range.

However the biggest plus is the new Signature range which is the pinnacle of the design and engineering which has evolved from the acclaimed Anniversary system.

We have the DAC XP Digital Pre Amp which has six digital inputs and two analogue inputs for all you vinyl lovers out there and balanced outputs for the best connection to the Mono X 300's. There are also rca outputs if you want to use the pre amp with other Cyrus power amps.

With a great pre amp you can't get better than the Mono X 300's or Mono X 200's mono power amplifiers, which feature Zero Feedback technology, which gives very low distortion and lets the music sing. The detail retireval is astounding. If you haven't heard them it's worth booking a demo to have a listen. We have heard new detail from well known and well worn CD's!

Shortly to join the range is a CD Transport which will compliment the above items but there is also a brand new product which Cyrus is keeping under wraps - watch this space!

If you already have a Cyrus system or are wanting to upgrade to the Signature series, Cyrus offers an upgrade path which maintains the new technology available today and an easy upgrade path to the Signature series.

To listen to the Signature series please call or email Andy or Phil.

Tel 01793 538222