Music Begins At Forty......

Pro-Ac Response D Forty R

We are pleased announce the delivery of a pair of ProAc Response D Forty speakers.

For a limited time only, ProAc have very kindly loaned us a pair.

We plan to live with the speakers for few weeks and see what we think.

Early signs are very positive. Hooked up to a Rega Osiris amplifier and the Rega Isis CD they sound very impressive indeed. 

The Pro-Ac ribbon tweeter. It's unique aluminium construction leaves it 'as light as a human hair'.


The powered coated aluminium bars at the bottom of the speaker. The side vented enclosure makes it lot easier to position the speaker in any room.

The side vented enclosure makes the ProAc D Forty easy to position.

Please call Audio-T Manchester or email  if you would like to arrange an audition.


T: 0161 8398869