Sneak Preview of New Rega Elicit-R & Aria

Two days ago we had a quick to listen to the new Rega Elicit-R 100w integrated amplifier and the Aria MM/MC phonostage. Initial impressions are extremely good.

The Elicit sounded really muscular yet refined and will probably drive just about any speaker it's ever likely to be partnered with.

The Aria clearly showed it had a lot in common with their Reference Ios so massive step up from the Phono MM. Most significantly though this is a MC phonostage configurable to suit any MC cartridge but with a dedicated setting to match Rega'a awesome Apheta MC cartridge. We listened to it with the RP8/Apheta turntable and was fabulous. Both the Aria and the Reference Ios really show what the Apheta is capable of.

I'll post a lot more when they arrive.