Fresh Out Of The Box KEF's 305 5.1 Home Cinema Speaker Package

Just in and unboxed is the new KEF305 Sat/Sub 5.1 speaker system.

A fresh upgrade on the old 3005SE, this new system is beautifully designed and finished.

There is a much improved sound on the old, these derive from the award winning "R" series audiophile grade loudspeakers. With KEF employing their high end trickle down technology to more affordable loudspeakers in their range.

A simple well designed stand on the satellite speakers swivels round to become a wall bracket. A matching sub-woofer seamlessly blends in to complete the package.

If you're looking for a new speakers sytem or looking to upgrade, why not come on in and have a listen. You'll be amazed how this dimunutive system will bring your Blu-rays and DVD's to life! Also available in black.