The New Wharfedale Diamond 100's Punch Well Above Their Weight

Warmth without loss of detail, and exceptional good for long listening periods is how we would describe the new Wharfedale Diamonds.

We thought the last generation of loudspeakers were very good, but the new generation has taken a huge leap in peformance and have redefined the sound you can get for your money.

Regrdless of the model 121, 122, 155 we have found them to be very well balanced and musical.

The smaller standmounts offer impressive base extension for such small cabinets and becuase they are portedat the bottom offer great flexibility of placement, so can be placed up against a wall or in open space. The added bonus is also they work tremendously well in a home cinema set up, particularly when using the matching centre's.

They seem to work on pretty much every amplifier that we have paired them with and we have tried Heed, Naim, Arcam and Rega and all sound top notch.

We believe they offer exceptional value for money as entry level loudspeaker and if you are looking for new standmouts or floorstanders they should be high on your audition list.

We recommend them unreservedly, come and listen and hear for yourself.

 Jon, Farid & Audio Phil