KEF's X300A Goes Wireless!

KEF's X300A gets an upgrade, now wirelessly stream from Android devices using KEF's DMC app & Apple devices using Airplay. While the Hi-Fi purist can still use the mini Asynchronous USB input for use with a computer. 


KEF use their famous Uni-Q driver array which incorporates a 1" tweeter positioned in the middle of a 5.25" mid/bass driver. A wide, open & detailed soundstage is very much KEF's sonic signature and the X300A Wireless haven't forgotten this either, they sing loud & clear instantly adding to KEF's already strong & expansive product ranges. 

 Not only does each speaker contain two Class A/B Amps! (A 50watt amp used on the mid/bass driver and a 20watt amp used on the tweeter) But they're fed by toroidal transformer power supplies. KEF certainly haven't settled for anything less than the best, all these ingredients scream out serious Hi Fi! 

We really like the size of the X300A Wireless. KEF have really hit the sweet spot between practicality & performance,  their compact size enables these to look at home on most desktop spaces, yet big enough to envelope you in a full range Hi-Fi sound. KEF have also helped over come speaker placement issues by adding an EQ switch (stand or desk) which allows you to control the frequency response, reducing the risk of "bass boom" as being a result of the speakers being too close to a rear wall.

 The KEF X300A Wireless is one of the most tidy, versatile & awesome sounding solutions to use, to achieve the best sound from your computer & mobile devices, that we've had the pleasure of listening to.


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