The new Zipp, Live and Lounge from Libratone offer amazing quality sound with a great new look.

The new Libratone range are simple to set up and make steaming from your itouch iphone or ipad simple and enjoyable, also with  designs allowing you to change the look of the product to your own taste.


 The Zipp is the first and most compact of the range and offers a truly staggering sound despite its size. A rechargeable battery with eight hours of life and the ability to stream directly from from your i product means you can take this unit anywhere as well as it being mains powered. A hugly versitile unit indeed. 


The second in the range is the Live, offering a bigger and more detailed sound. Although this unit has no reachable battery it does have a handle at the back to allow for easy portability around the home. Despite it's pyramid esc shape, for the best sound it works far more effectively nearer a flat wall as opposed to being in a corner.

The biggest, by some way and final unit in the range is the Lounge. As the name suggests its primary function is to remain situated in one room. With the ability to run a line in from a TV and of course the ability to stream music to the product the Lounge makes a fantastic all in one addition to any sitting room. As one would expect, it dramatically improves the sound of any TV and for music, play back should be heard to be believed.

All in all Libratones new range offer something new in both sound and image, well worth a demonstration in store.