Sonos Sonic treat from Arcam!

Arcam have released the Sonlink to provide a sonic boost to Sonos sytems!

This compact high quality DAC is designed as the ideal partner to the Sonos Connect (ZP90).  Not only does it take the already great performance of the Sonos Connect to a whole new level by de-jittering the digital output and converting it to analogue via Arcam's high resolution DAC but, as you can see, it is also styled to perfectly match the Sonos casework!

All necessary audio leads are included, with a flying coaxial digital lead to connect to the Sonos output.

The upper casework is shaped to allow seamless positioning of the Sonos Connect.

We are delighted to say that we have received our first shipment of this exciting new product, which will take your Sonos system to a new level of sound quality.  It's a fantastic upgrade for the many Sonos Connect owners, and at a very reasonable price of £184.95. 

Come on in and have a listen.