PMC don't disappoint!

Personally I didn't think PMC could improve very much from the i series (db1i, gb1i etc) but with this new Twenty series they have blown my mind! Partner the Twenty21's with a £500+ amplifier and the results are wonderful. As we know bigger is better so with the Twenty22's you get a lot more bottom end which suits some but not all! But also seem more detailed. Obviously the room will be a factor in this! Pairing any of these wonders with the new Naim Uniti 2 and the outcome is lovely! Similarly throwing on one of our many Cyrus or Audiolab systems will also not leave you unentertertained!

Moving up in the range we have the Twenty23 and Twenty24. We now shift from the standmount to floorstander's. The design of the speakers is one that you can't ignore. The slope sets them off and they are a real head turner! Bit like marmite you love it or hate it but personally I think they look beautiful!

The Twenty23's are the baby of the floorstander range but are not to be sniffed at. Many customers have compared this range to the daddy of the PMC range 'Fact' and I can see where they are coming from. They have a lot of the characteristics of the 'Fact' just not the price tag to match! The Twenty 23's have the same size driver and tweeter of the Twenty 21 (5.5") but in a larger 'box' so have much more bottom end! 

The Twenty24's have the same drivers as the Twenty 22's (6.5") but again in a bigger case so improved bass.

These are speakers not to be ignored, will certainly put a smile on your face! Have insance character a fantastic soundstage and a beautiful top end.

As well as sounding lovely in stereo they have also released a matching centre channel for those who want to incorporate wonderful stereo with outstanding stereo! And I must admit having listened to it this week, the results are very impressive!

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