Little box... BIG SOUND

Recently we have seen many streaming units come out that simply plug into your existing hifi. There are fantastic as you have music on demand and enough radio to last you a life time!

Units like the Sonos Connect can simply plug into your existing 15 year old technics stack system, all you need is an internet connection and a bridge if neccessary!

Although these units will stream every title from your music library with ease the outcome isn't always the best! I have been playing with DAC's (digital to analogue converters) for sometime now but some of these aren't to everyone's budget. Although Arcam have released a little beauty of a unit that can improve the output of your Sonos or other similarly priced streaming unit.

Its called the rLink. Has 1 optical connection, 1 digital coax connection and a power supply input one end and on the other a set of phono outputs.

Simply take the digital output out of the Sonos (either optical or coax) then a set of phonos from the other end into your amplifier and your away! The result is noticeable making everything open up and more detailed. I have tested this on a range of amplifiers from the Marantz PM6004 to the Rega Brio-r to the Audiolab 8200A and every time it didn't dissapoint. Obviously when you get to a certain stage the onboard DAC will sound better than the rLink but for just £149 its a little beauty that packs a punch!


Take a look at the other wonderful R range on arcam's website. There only small but don't be put off by that! Come in for a dem today!,rseries.htm