PMC announce 20 year warranty on all passive speakers

To mark PMC's 20th anniversary, PMC have annouced today that all their passive speakers will now have an extended 20 year warranty.

This is quite a massive warranty and unheard of before in the speaker market, but unsurprising from PMC who have long had a tradition of high quality manufacturing and quality control. Indeed, PMC themselves say:

"Designing and assembling all <our> loudspeakers at <our> own facility in Luton enables <us> to keep a very tight contol on <our> quality procedure. Every single component that is used, from the smallest resistor or capacitor, to the drive units, which are built or specified to PMC's designs, through to the loudspeaker cabinets, <are> rigorously tested before being passed for use in the products."

With this level of control, plus with the usual high quality of sound we have come to expect from PMC, it's no surprise that PMC continues to go from strength to strength.

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