Cyrus Streamline & Stream XP gets rave reviews

We've been enjoying the Cyrus Streamline in store since it first arrived on our 'doorsteps' back in early April, but since the latest issues of What HiFi and Home Cinema Choice have hit the shelves, it seems customer interest has picked up in this class leading product.

What HiFi describe the Streamline as "...wonderfully open and inviting...a stunning level of detail. Instruments and vocals are beautifully layered and music sounds fluid yet unhurried...". They give it their highest accolade of 5 stars, and point out something that we have already been debating in store - which is the ultimate winner between the Naim UnitiQute and the Cyrus Streamline? Sounds like a challenge to throw to our stores...

HiFi Choice are no less exhuberant about the Cyrus Stream XP, and certainly believe the n-remote to be THE product to own - it's rare that a streaming product pays so much detail to the controller, often relying on you to squint at a small display several feet away. The n-remote shows everything you need on it's colour LCD screen.

HiFi Choice give the Stream XP an overall rating of 4 and a half stars, with very little negative to say about the unit it seems that this will too be one of their class leaders.

So, it seems there is little doubt, if you are looking at high quality music streaming, then add the Cyrus Streamline to your list. You can read the full reviews in the latest editions of What HiFi and HiFi Choice, or visit one of our Cyrus dealers for more information and for an in store demonstration.

And watch this space for head to head reviews against the Naim UnitiQute!