Sony KDL55W905 55'' LED TV, The best TV since the Kuro?

Here at Reading Audio T we've always believed in having the very best TV available and I mean that in the singular.

We don't have the space for a whole lot of TVs, we never have had so we are keen to show our discerning customers the very best technology can offer and this season is no exception. 

The Sony KDL55W905 is the flagship of their range after the 4K TV, indeed it has the same if not better picture than that for 1080p content which of course if the highest native resolution available at present of course.

With a few minor tweaks to the settings this TV gives the best non-calibrated picture we've ever seen with the deepest blacks and accurate colours from an LCD yet, yes you get the fantastic '3D pop' like the best plasmas. By that I mean depth of field rather than full 3D with glasses which it also does superbly well AND has 4 pairs of lightweight comfortable active glasses included, bravo Sony!!

Available in 40'', 46'' & 55''

Still not convinced? Then check out AVForums rave review of the 40'' version

...and their short video review: