Introducing the Simple Roomplayer with Amp.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"  Leonardo da Vinci


Well, we are in full aggreement with old Leo's now famous quote, especially in regards to the Simple Roomplayers.

Our Simple Roomplayer with Amp has been playing in it's own little space on the shop floor and much to the delight of our customers, it's not let us down yet.

Using Deezer's streaming service has opened up endless possibilities of mixing up musical genres, it gives us an opportunity to put the amps in the Roomplayer through it's paces.

From Jazz to Hip-Hop and Folk to Americana even movie soundtracks and classical music the room player has impressed us on how it just seems to control the speakers with ease.

Hooking up a pair of reasonably difficult to drive Monitor Audio GX50 bookshelf/standmount speakers and the Simple Roomplayer with Amp just plays music.  The ribbon tweeter on GX50's likes to be driven hard with lots of power and yet the seemingly modest 50 watts (4 ohm) on the roomplayer doesn't flinch, playing loud when needed and still presenting the music with detail and space.

Other "all in one" network streamers of the same ilk, albeit cheaper in price, tend to harden up when pushed and get a little shouty at higher volumes, not so with the Simple Roomplayer. 

This is probably because careful attention to design detail keeps all signal paths as short and as direct as possible. This guarantees the highest audio quality with no interference from any other circuitry. We like.

All your music at your fingertips.

Roomplayer apps for your computer, iPad, iPod or iPhone give you a unique view of all your music.

Control what music is playing on any Roomplayer in your home. Create playlists, add music to queues, browse music on streaming services, select radio stations and more.

There is also an Android app in the the works and should be with us shortly.

 Made from premium grade aluminium and tempered glass, the Roomplayer not only looks great, it provides fantastic screening and heatsink capabilities.



You can pop into our Manchester store and listen to the Simple Roomplayer right now.

Give any of us shout when you call in, we will be more than happy to help.  

Oh..that's Kevin,Mike, Dave or Munir.

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