Project Tube Box DS2 Phono Stage Arrives at Enfield

We have just taken delivery of our new Pro-ject Tube Box DS2 phono stage. It features variable loading impedance 10-1000 ohms, variable capacitance and gain settings and it can drive two separate turntables!  It has a valve output stage (2X ECC 83/12AX7) and a dual mono design. It makes your music played on vinyl sound lovely!

After a few hours of running we connected this beauty up to our resident Rega Planar 6 (fitted with Rega Ania cartridge).

First impressions were of a very stable image, coupled with the unmistakable mid range clarity which is a signature trait of valve phono stages.

What make this different to other phono stages at the same price point?
Having a variable adjustment for impedance and gain means you can tailor the sound to your particular tastes and equipment. By using the controls on the front of the DS2 - which you can alter during use means can instantly hear the difference and arrive at the sound you like.


Other phono stages do not provide these controls and limit the user to whatever the manufacturer believes to be right. So the Pro-ject DS2 phono stage can suit a wide variety of vinyl replay music systems at very different price points and ears!

Come in and have a listen at Audio T Enfield or borrow it and try it at home using our home loan service.

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