The Primare I35 Prisma Streaming Amplifier - Not Too little, Not Too Much.

Primare being a Scandinavian company, have certainly incorporated the phrase “Logam” when designing the I35 Prisma. Logam means everything in perfect balance; not too little, not too much. This slick but powerful network integrated amplifier is a unit has been designed to deliver quality audio for everyone in the home.


Boasting a power of 150W into 8ohms, with the addition of a range of unbalanced and balanced inputs and outputs, the Primare I35 Prisma will provide clean cut instant amplification across the whole audio bandwidth. Contained inside the unit is a DM35 Digital to Analogue converter (DAC) that will enable 768khz/32 bit & DSD 256 conversion, so it can play the highest resolution music files you have.


What does Prisma mean you ask? Prisma is the high connectivity solution that will allow you to stream/play your music from any number of devices within the home. It will provide you with full multi-room compatability whether you wanted to choose stored music or a number of high quality streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal & Qobuz etc. The Prisma I35 features Chromecast connectivity, which means that different people can find their favourite track at a party, and play easily and reliably.

Primare Prisma I35 Streaming Amplifier Rear Inputs and Outputs

Primare Prisma I35 Streaming Amplifier Rear Inputs and Outputs

Primare have thought about a wide range of users when designing this modular range of amplifiers/network streamers. You can choose to have either an all analogue standard integrated I35 amplifier with no streaming. Or if you’d like music streaming, then simply go for the I35 with Prisma built in. Alternatively, you can go for the I35 DAC, that will give you DM35 DAC on board. The DM35 digital to analogue conversion and Prisma modules can be added at a later date and give you options to upgrade and further enhance the sound quality.

Prisma I35 front fascia.

Prisma I35 front fascia.

The Primare Prisma I35 Integrate Streaming amplifier offers a musical performance with depth, dynamics and a sound stage filled with life as well offering Scandinavian design chic, warmth and sophistication. We’d highly recommend an audition and we think this should be on the short list of anyone considering a one box hi-fi system. Call in or give us a call at Audio T Bristol, to arrange your personal demonstration.

Primare Hi-Fi products are available from the following branches of Audio T: Brentwood, Bristol, Cheltenham, Manchester

Primare And The Wonderful Prisma Technology Arrives At Audio T Brentwood

We’ve just received our new stock of Primare equipment and we’re mightily impressed! This Swedish company has been making exceptional Hi-Fi products for over thirty years and always with a beauty of style and sound. They have now launched a new “connectivity and control technology” called Prisma which can be incorporated in their new modular range of separates.

Firstly they’re beautiful!


And the fit and finish is exceptional.

primare 2.jpg

The first two models to show are the 35 range comprising I35 integrated amp and CD35 integrated CD player or DD35 CD transport. They sound gorgeous. Appropriately we put a CD of Eivor into the player, the album Slor, and the sense of scale and imagery through the Bowers and Wilkins 805 speakers was breathtaking. The addition of the Prisma technology takes them to another level adding app control, Bluetooth, Airplay, and Spotify Connect. Prisma also has Chromecast built in allowing you to cast from your phone or tablet direct to the Prisma module.

primare 3.jpg

The I35 has analogue (balanced and single ended) and digital inputs as well making it a truly versatile and comprehensive performer.

Down from that is the 15 range comprising the I15 integrated amp and DD15 CD transport

primare 4.jpg

These are equally beautifully built and can also be equipped with the same Prisma technology as their bigger siblings.

Sticking with the Scandinavian theme, we put some of Bjork’s most recent Utopia album on playing through the equally Scandi Dali Oberon 5 speakers. This album has an incredibly wide dynamic range which just sang through the speakers being driven by the little I15 (they’re only about 2/3 width).

We are really looking forward to getting to know these lovely components better, why not come in and try them for yourself.

We would like to thank all of our customers this year and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Paul, Francis, Jason and Boswell

primare 6.jpg

Primare Hi-Fi products are available at the following branches of Audio T:
Brentwood, Bristol, Cheltenham, Manchester

Lagom & Hygge From Sweden Introducing Primare Prisma

Lagom (“lah-goam”) = Everything in perfect balance. Hygge (“heu-gah”) = The highest expression of living. The deep satisfaction of time well spent.

Two words that permeate through everything that Swedish company Primare make and do. Something that we can well appreciate and understand now that we are the proud sellers of all things Lagom and Hygge!

There is a sense of perfect balance and satisfaction that comes together very neatly in Primare’s new I35 integrated amplifier. As part of the Prisma range the I35 is the latest version of their iconic 30 series integrated amplifiers and is the first one to feature their brand new all analogue Class D amplifier technology, what they call UFPD2. Primare boast that this new power platform fully exploits the potential of Class D amplification.

A big boast. Can they back it up with action!?

According to the official blurb (I love that word) The I35 amplifier can deliver 150 watts at 8 ohms across the entire audible bandwidth and to see (or hear) how this equates into sound quality in the real world we decided to pair it up with the rather brilliant Martin Logan Electromotion X electrostatic loudspeakers and see what occurs!


Now, because the I35 is available in three versions…….

  1. Basic amp with no extras

  2. Amp with rather nice DAC built in

  3. Amp with DAC and Streamer module…….. and we have the third option we can stream as much as we like!!

So first up from Tidal was the totally amazing thing that is the album Khmer by Nils Petter Molvaer on the ECM record label. This is an album that is amazingly well recorded with an especially juicy bass sound. A great one for demo use and for putting speakers through their paces.


As a pairing this combination of amp and speakers possessed that holy grail of hi-fi systems in the way it totally brought the music to life. The sound is fast, clean and agile. Soundstaging was wide and deep. The Primare i35 allowing the Electrostatics to deliver an un-coloured window into the music.

Next through the streamy bit on the Primare was the new helping of Prog Rock genius that is Roine Stolt’s new album called Manifesto of an Alchemist.


Again the Primare showed an ability to be both viscerally exciting and revealing in detail way beyond its price! This is one of those really magical amplifiers that should prove once and for all that Class D really can offer quality and affordability and make you think, do I really need to spend more? It is a fantastic amplifier, a very good DAC and a more than decent streamer! I can honestly say that I have not had this much fun with an amplifier since the days of chrome bumper Naim gear……remember them!!

Prisma provides multi room/multi zone connectivity and control for playback of stored and streamed media. Wired or wireless all managed from any mobile device through a dedicated control app. In addition to Bluetooth, Airplay and Spotify Connect Prisma features Chromecast built in a unique streaming portal allowing effortless direct connection to literally hundreds of streaming applications.

There is also a well nifty matching CD35 CD player should you want to add one to the system …..perhaps more on this at a later blog!!


All of these Primare products be auditioned at the Cheltenham branch! We hope to see you soon - Jon, Farid & Andy

Primare Hi-Fi is available from the following branches of Audio T:
Brentwood, Bristol, Cheltenham, Manchester