Panasonic TX-55EZ952B OLED - Plasma Is Dead Long Live OLED!

John and I have both been eagerly awaiting a new TV which would persuade us to upgrade our now ageing Pioneer plasma screens.  


The new Panasonic TX-55EZ952B OLED precisely fits the bill.


This high end 4K Pro HDR TV is Hollywood tuned and equipped with Studio Colour HCX2 and THX certified processing to produce a full, rich and natural spectrum of colours.  The multiple HDR formats supported include Hybrid Log Gamma, the broadcast HDR format jointly developed by the BBC and Japan's NHK.


Panasonic have fully utilised their plasma experience to great effect with this TV, ensuring it is capable of incredible shadow detail and displaying the deepest blacks.  


These positive plasma attributes are enhanced by the many advantages of OLEDs such as higher brightness, natural colour rendering, much lower power consumption and elegant slimline design.


The high specification includes all iPlayers, Freeview Play, inbuilt Netflix and Amazon 4K. 


The supplied compact central stand avoids the cabinet overhang issues of many TVs and we both appreciated the ease with which we wall mounted our demo screen. It was far less stressful than the back breaking task we recall with our Pioneer plasmas many years ago!

Just phone or email to book or just call in to see the Panasonic TX-55EZ952B OLED with an awesome home cinema system in our Dolby Atmos equipped demonstration room.  We are sure you will be as impressed as we are with this brilliant TV!  

See you soon,

Alan and John

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