PSB M4U-2 Closed Back Active And Noise Cancelling Headphones

PSB have been producing loudspeakers for the last forty years. This is their first foray into the headphone market and they are worth shouting about. (Not that you will hear it as they are a fully enclosed design with active noise cancelling built in).

They also have the added advantage of a built in headphone amplifier. Not only does this in many cases significantly improve the sound quality of the headphones as in overides the amplifier in the source (be it a phone, I-Pad, etc) it also extends the battery life of the listening source e.g. your phone or music player.

As an example, you may be on a long haul flight when you get half way across the Pacific and your phones die....No more music! With the PSB's amplifier activated the power is not being taken from the phone itself but the internal amplifier - Music all the way! (Remember to take some spare AAA batteries). And with noise cancelling activated the only sound you will hear is the music. Not the music with with a couple of jet engines in the background.

Sound Quality - Yes the headphones have the facility of an on board amplifier and noise cancelling but the main reason we strongly recommend these headphones is their stunning sound quality. They produce exceptionally deep powerful bass, a stunningly open and transparent midrange and a beautifully smooth and detailed top end. They play rock music as though you were 40 feet from the front of the stage or a string quartet as though you were sitting in a beautiful Georgian sitting room.

Whether you are travelling or listening on a high end hi-fi system with a dedicated headphone amplifier these headphones are a must listen.

Highly Recommended (And they got 5 stars in What Hi-Fi) and you can read their review here

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