PMC twenty5 22 Standmount Loudspeakers Arrive At Audio T Manchester

Introducing the new PMC twenty5 22's in Oak.

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For those of you familiar with the ever popular PMC twenty range, the visual similarities between the new twenty5 range should be instantly recognizable.

However, that's where those similarities end. The new twenty5 range has had major improvements. And in all the right places too.

We have taken some pictures below and added a little information on the new and current tech PMC have employed in new twenty5 range.

Yes Chromey!!  that's right, it's like a Formula 1 style diffuser baffle. Excellent.    

Yes Chromey!!  that's right, it's like a Formula 1 style diffuser baffle. Excellent.   

Laminair Aerodynamic vent for better air flow through the transmission line. Derived using formula one technology, the Laminair vents offer improved air flow through the advanced transmission line. This reduces resistance, increases efficiency and eliminates air noise.  

Really Sweet Tweet!

Really Sweet Tweet!

 A new improved tweeter gives better dispersion for a wider sound stage. New bass driver using G-weave technology, which helps to achieve increased low frequency, improved mid-range clarity and better linear response.

The wood finish, here in oak, now has an improved veneer. The floorstanders also get new feet and spikes for improved stability and ease of installation.

Oh!  and they are made right here in UK.

So, how do they sound? well for a starter they sound faster, deeper with cleaner bass with greater definition, dynamics and timing. There is sense of space in the reproduction of music and they have a greater ability to handle power. 

But that's our opinion, come along and try them for yourself, we have the 22's and 24's on demonstration at the store.

We hope to see you at the store.

Munir, Mike, Simon, Haden and Dave

PMC Loudspeakers are also available from the following branches of Audio T: BrentwoodBrightonBristol, CardiffCheltenhamEnfieldManchester