New at Audio T Cheltenham, Neat Acoustics Loudspeakers

The Cheltenham branch have just added Neat Acoustics loudspeakers to our extensive line of loudspeakers.

After extensive listening we now have the following models available for demonstration.

Neat Iota

The Neat Iota delivers a performance that belies the incredibly small dimensions (h,w,d - 130 x 200x 165mm). Being designed to be used very close to the rear wall they are ideal for locations such as bookshelves, desk tops, etc.

The 2.6L cabinet incorporates a 100mm bass driver and a 50mm vertical planar magnetic ribbon tweeter offering unbelievable bass performance and an exceptionally detailed top end. Due to the diminutive cabinet dimensions and the ribbon tweeter the sound stage is almost holographic.

Available in Satin White, Satin Black, Flame Red, Zinc Yellow and Ultramarine Blue

Neat SX3

The SX3 is a small stand mount loudspeaker designed for smaller spaces or as a rear speaker in multi channel installations.

They incorporate a 25mm inverted anodised aluminium tweeter normally found in much more expensive high end loudspeakers.

In spite of its compact dimensions the MX3 surprises with its astonishing bass extension and beautifully open mid range. The Inverted dome tweeter produces incredible detailed for a speaker at this price.

Neat SX2

At only 76cm tall this is one of the most compact floor standing loudspeakers available.

This is a two way design with the bass driver and inverted anodised aluminium tweeter operating in separate enclosure within the cabinet. The bass reflex port is fitted to the bottom of the cabinet and is vented through a sculptured MDF plinth. Even when the loudspeakers a located near a rear wall the bass is still controlled and extended.

For a floor stander of such small dimensions the SX2 offers astonishing bass, very open midrange and a smooth detailed top end.

Neat SX1

The SX1 utilised a two and a half way configuration. The tweeter and bass mid driver operate within their own sealed enclosure. The sub bass is housed separately in a reflex tuned enclosure below and is vented via a sculptured MDF plinth.

Again the 25mm Inverted anodised aluminium tweeter is used offering exceptional detail. With the inclusion of the Sub Bass driver the SX1 manages to accurately produce genuine low end bass performance.

The Neat SX range of loudspeaker are available in Natural Oak, American Walnut, Black Oak and Satin White.

A demonstration is highly recommended.