Sennheiser gain Momentum 2.0

You may already be familiar with the original and very popular Momentum headphones from Sennheiser.

They were a great take on the broadcast industry standard HD25 but tuned for domestic use around the house or out and and about.

Now, the new Momentum 2.0 has stepped up the portable theme with the ability to fold them away and tuck into your manbag.

See!! they fold away, nice.

The new earpads are now memory foam and are covered in leather,

they are also larger then the previous cups making them much more comfortable to wear.

The headband is now a combination of memory foam and leather for comfort.

An in line remote,microphone is included for either Apple iOS or Android, depending on your preference, along with a nice carrying case.

And of course attention to detail is typically Sennheiser.

We like the new Momentum 2.0, they makes more sense now.

Most of our customers actually bought the original Momentums to use while on the move so go figure, add the fact that they are also more comfortable now and Sennheiser may have another hit on their hands.

Our set are nicely run in and are on demo at our Manchester store.

Pop over to the store and we'll plug you in.

Munir, Dave, Mike and Kev.

Sennheiser is also available from the following branches of Audio T. 


N.B. - Not all models are available in all branches, so please call the branch before travelling.