Garlic......bread? KEF.....headphones? Hell yeh !! The M500 from KEF

Yep..that's right here are the first ever on ear KEF M500 headphones.

Beautifully designed from precision machined aluminium the KEF M500 look gorgeous.

High comfort level afforded by the unique ergonomic 'Smart-Hinge' for extended listening sessions.

Smart control and tangle free cable.

Fold up and carry away!

Eh!! bring those back Chromey!!..

All presented in a neat KEF carry case.

So how do they sound?

Well, pretty impressive actually. The music has a very wide presention and large sound stage, much larger than other headphones. Almost like having a pair of KEF speakers strapped to your head. But thats our opinion, why not pop in and try a pair and you can decide for yourself.

Here's what some online publications think of the KEF M500.

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Remember to ask for a demonstration when you call in at Audio T Manchester

See you soon..

Munir, Dave, Mike and Kevin