Simple Hi-Res Streaming Solution

Have you been thinking about getting into streaming and maybe thought that the streaming solutions available are either too expensive or not 'hi-fi' enough?

Well let us introduce you to Simple Audio. Simple Audio started life as a British company designing and manufacturing its products in Glasgow. It has recently been acquired by Corsair the computer memory people who saw the potential and invested to make what was already a great sounding product a more user friendly one.

So what do you get from Simple Audio?

There are two models the Roomplayer1+ and the Roomplayer2+ with Amp. You've probably guessed the Roomplayer+ is a streamer that you attach to an existing Hi-Fi and the Roomplayer+ Amp is the

the same streaming product but with a 50watt amplifier built into it, just attach speakers and away you go. Both have the exact same physical appearance a 20cm block with curved edges standing 5cm tall. Very discreet and very slick. They will stream up to 24 bit 192 khz files over your network though these are not Wi-Fi products.

Simple have been clever by designing homeplug technology into the units, meaning streaming is done via the electric cabling already installed into every home. You can install more than one unit in fact up to 64 giving true multi-room capabilities. You can stream different music to each room or group them so they all play the same thing. There are music services built in. Internet radio is taken care of with the ever popular Tunein Radio while Deezer and Wimp also making an appearance. There is also a convenient line-in input to allow you to connect a phone or similar device or maybe even a turntable.

So specs look inpressive how do they sound? I would say they sound much better than their price suggests they should. Much much better than the cheaper popular wireless multi-room system/s on the market and biting at the heals of the much more expensive solutions.

This is the perfect time to try for yourself as Simple have an offer on called Buy and Try. Come and have a demonstration in store and if you like what you see and hear buy it in the knowledge that if you get it home and it's not to your liking you have 30 days to bring it back and get a full refund no questions asked.

To quote a well known Meerkat.....Simples!