Audiolab 6000N Network Player Completes The 6000 Series

We are big fans of the Audiolab 6000 series components here at Audio T Brentwood. They offer amazing value and excellent sound quality for the money, but one thing that was missing in the range was an option for music streaming.

Enter the Audiolab 6000N Network Player.

6000N a.jpg

The 6000N is a deceptively simple looking box with just a power button and some preset buttons on the front.

6000n c.jpg

The back of the Audiolab 6000N is a little more “busy”.

6000n d.jpg

There are analogue and digital outputs, a network connection, although it will do wi-fi, and USB for software update and for synchronising with a Audiolab 6000A amplifier.

The Audiolab 6000N operates in conjunction with the PlayFi app from DTS and it does a great job. We had it up and running playing tracks from Tidal and from our shop music library in minutes and it sounds great! PlayFi gives the user access to many music streaming services, internet radio, and upNp. Spotify Connect is also included.

Whether from its digital or analogue outputs it sounds crisp, clean, and with lots of space and dimension to the sound. Florence and the Machine sounded full of energy, the frequency extremes of The Gate by Bjork were brilliantly handled.

This really does complete the 6000 series system alongside the Audiolab 6000A amplifier and 6000CDT CD player. We have found that the Audiolab series works particularly well with KEF Q series and Dali Oberon speakers and gives a lot of performance for the money!

6000n g.jpg

Come and have have a demonstration at Audio T Brentwood, we know you will be impressed!

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