The New Ruark R5 Streaming Music System Buzzes In To Manchester.

Say hello to the brand new R5 from Ruark, officially the bigger brother of the ever popular R4, but with the design queues from the top of the range R7, in fact the R5 is like a scaled down version of this Ruark range topper.

Chromey with Ruark R5-2.jpg

The new fabric exterior makes the Ruark R5 look really classy, and with the smooth, slick CD loader and an OLED display the unit offers a discreetly high-tech look, balanced with the furniture grade rich walnut veneered cabinet and soft grey anodised metal-work, result in a minimalist, yet practical design.

Chromey with Ruark R5-12.jpg

To operate and control the R5 it could not be simpler. Fitted atop the cabinet is Ruark's trademark controller, the RotoDial, this ergonomically designed control offers instant operation of the main functions, and with the simplest press of a couple of buttons, some of the more advanced features too.

The RotoDial is completely copied with the supplied remote commander, so all features can be controlled from the comfort and convenience of your favourite arm chair. But there is more; the recently developed Ruark 'LINK' control app, allows you to take full command of the unit via your smart phone or tablet. Through this app, you can link other Ruark WiFi compatible units, and create a whole house Ruark wireless system...

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Connection Heaven is how Ruark describe the R5, and that is no lie or exaggeration.

Chromey with Ruark R5-11.jpg

It starts with a traditional CD player, one offering multi-format support. All three radio systems are incorporated, conventional FM, DAB+ Digital, and internet radio. The R5 boasts a Bluetooth wireless connection, for playing music from all your favourite devices; featuring the latest high specification aptX HD receiver. In addition, both analogue (a separate RCA line input, with separate RCA Phono input) and digital (via optical toslink connection) hard wired inputs are provided. Full wireless music streaming from U-PNP devices; and as mentioned, fully multi room ready. You can also play your favourite tunes from Spotify Connect, with support for Tidal, Deezer and Amazon Music services.

Chromey with Ruark R5-8.jpg

Inside the R5's electronics it has a high capacity linear power supply and utilises genuine Hi-Fi grade Class AB power amplifiers, driving the main left and right channel high quality full range speakers. These larger drive units, compared to the smaller R4, are combined with a low frequency bass driver mounted underneath the unit to help give the R5 a truly rich sound, much bigger than the elegant, compact case would suggest. Room filling sound within even a large room, distortion free and with ease.

Chromey with Ruark R5-7.jpg

The base unit and reflex port underneath the R5.

Chromey with Ruark R5-5.jpg

The heat sinks on the class A-B amplifier.

Chromey with Ruark R5-4.jpg

The Ruark R5 in on display and available for demonstration at our Manchester store.

Come along and ask for a demo. Munir, Mike, Macarena,Dave and Haden should be there to help

See you at the store.


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