The Amazing New Ruark R5 Compact Hi-Fi System

As a company, Ruark found fame by making rather nifty loudspeakers during the 1980’s, 90’s and part of the noughties. Since 2006 they have been pouring their considerable talents into designing and building some of the best compact audio lifestyle products on the market today!

The newest of these is the R5. Ruark call it a High Fidelity Music System.


Now you might think that their description may be stretching the truth a little and you’d be forgiven for thinking this upon first seeing it in the flesh as it is pretty small. Listening is another matter though! It has a lush sound with oodles of detail. This is partly down to the secret weapon lodged on the underneath…….an active sub woofer. This gives a the system a much deeper and more realistic sound than is usually associated with such systems.


You can wirelessly stream music, play from a phone via high quality Bluetooth, play from one of the squillions if internet radio stations, plug in a turntable using its built in phono stage or even play one of those old fashioned CD things!! Support for streaming music services such as Spotify, Tidal and Deezer is built in and there are also spare analogue and digital inputs meaning you can enjoy a multitude of other devices and also upgrade the sound from your TV too!


Ruark have not skimped on the styling either. There is certain retro chic going on here with the sleek curvy hand crafted cabinet and the fabric grille……all very cool and all very perfect for the music and design enthusiast alike.


We love it and we think you will too. The Ruark R5 is available in Walnut or Soft Grey finishes and is on permanent demonstration here in the Cheltenham shop and you are welcome to come in and have a play.

Tea and coffee are available!

Ruark Audio Hi-Fi products are available at the following branches of Audio T:
Brentwood, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Enfield, Manchester, Online, Oxford, Portsmouth, Preston, Southampton, Swansea