Denon DM41 - An Introduction To Hi-Fi & A Fully Featured Alternative To A Soundbar.

While Denon's DM41 has been around for a little while now, it remains as popular as ever and is the latest iteration in long line of Award winning compact Hi-Fi products from Denon.


Offering a wealth of features and connectivity, with strong amplification and tucked in a box no larger than the footprint of a A4 piece of paper the DM41 is perfect if space is at a premium. But it most beguiling feature is it capacity to offer a genuine taste of separates Hi-Fi can offer; it's a fantastic way to start your Hi-Fi journey.

Denon has been at the right at the forefront of compact, one-box solutions for a good 20 years and while FM radio, DAB and CD have always been the mainstay of the Denon's previous iterations, consistent improvements and refinements have lead to today's DM41, which now offers a much wider range of facilities. An additional feature for this model is the inclusion of a Bluetooth receiver module, ideal for straight-forward streaming of music from a phone, tablet or laptop. And if your wish to connect a turntable, a single set of RCA’s will do the job perfectly, and if your turntable has a built in phono-stage, these is no need for any further investment, these is nothing to stop from  enjoying your vinyl.

The Denon DM41 also offers a neat little solution for enhancing your TV sound in glorious 2.1 that will offer clarity and dynamics that just can't get from the vast majority of TV speakers. Small enough to slot easily into most TV stands, the real beauty of using the DM41 for TV sound is the inclusion of "sub-out "connection allowing you to experience real impact while watching films and TV allowing you to enjoy enhanced detail with both speech and ambient sounds, making everyday viewing a much more enjoyable experience. Amplification is rated at 30 watts into 6 ohms which should be more than enough power to drive and control speakers to more than acceptable levels in small and medium rooms.


We partner our display DM41 with a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 1 speakers, which, to our ears, an ideal match. But stepping up to the Monitor Audio Silver 50 makes the world of difference, with clearer separation, a more realistic sense of an instrumentation, tone, timbre and a more rounded and detailed bass presentation.

The Denon DM41 offers fantastic value for money and gives a great introduction to the world of Hi-Fi and all of the reward well chosen components can bring.

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