Riders On The Stream! Marantz NA6006

If you've been contemplating how best to incorporate streaming into your existing system, without throwing the baby out with the bathwater and starting again, we may just have the perfect solution.

Allow us to introduce the Marantz NA6006. A stand alone network audio player that offers everything you need to enjoy the vast array of title's that streaming services, such as Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify offer, and all without leaving the comfort of your armchair.

A nice, bright, clear display and straight forward front panel controls in matching Marantz casework, a thing of beauty.

A nice, bright, clear display and straight forward front panel controls in matching Marantz casework, a thing of beauty.

Derived from the outstanding ND8006, the NA6006 boasts improved Digital to Analogue conversation, via the ESS Sabre 9016 chip set, offering high resolution audio up to 192kHz/24 bit and DSD 5.6MHz. The DAC, coupled with Marantz’s unique HDAM - High Definition Amplifier Modules are designed to lower the noise floor and provide a wider bandwidth. It starts to sound like an exciting prospect.

The rear panel.

The rear panel.

The NA6006 is compatible with Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as Apple Airplay 2, the Marantz also offers Bluetooth for connection from a phone, tablet or PC.

Control is delightfully straight forward via the free HEOS app, Simply download it to your phone or tablet and you're away. The vast array of Internet Radio stations are readily available via Tune In, and if you have a network attached storage (NAS) device on your home network, your music can be searched, selected and streamed, all from within in the HEOS app. Popular streaming services such as Deezer, Spotify and Tidal all work within the app, ensuring a smooth selection of your chosen artist without frustration.

In addition there are two optical connections, one input and one output (should you wish to use an off board digital to analogue converter (DAC). There are fixed and variable RCA outputs allowing volume to be controlled via the amplifier or via the app. But if you prefer to keep matters simple the NA6006 also comes with a dedicated remote control.

A good, old fashioned remote control makes operation a breeze.

A good, old fashioned remote control makes operation a breeze.

We are are big fans of the Marantz 6006 range here at Audio T Oxford. The amplifier and the CD player both offer a superlative performance, that belies their respective asking prices and after some critical listing it appears that the NA6006 is no exception. 


Marantz NA6006 with Rega’s sublime Brio integrated amp, if Cheeky Mouse had thumbs, he would definitely show his approval

With our evaluation, we choose to use matching Marantz electronics in the 6006 range, coupled to pair Bowers and Wilkins 707 S2’s (an outstanding pair of speakers), priced at £800.  We also used Chord Clearway speaker cable at £10 a metre and the entry level C-line interconnect, also from Chord (just £40 for a 0.5 meter), to deliver an improved performance over the "in-the-box" cable. We started with the Marantz CD6006 SE and then selected the same track via Tidal and what we heard was a tighter bass presentation and a definite sense that the presentation sounded fuller , various elements of the recording we more firmly fixed in the soundstage, it was a genuinely nice surprise. After listening to a few track, we took the opportunity to try another one of our favourite components and swapped out the Marantz amplifier for Rega's Brio. The improvement in presentation was immediately apparent; this is clearly a component that will work well when connected to more exotic equipment.

We have the Marantz NA6006 on display at the Oxford store and we are always pleased to offer a demonstration at your convenience. Contact on 01865 765961 and ask for Chris, Jon or Andrew.

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