''Incredible!'' ''Wow!'' ''Fantastic!'' ''Better than going to the Movies!''

These are just some of the words and sentences that customers have said to us when they have experienced the Audio-T Enfield demo rooms with our Dolby Atmos Home Cinema systems. 


Audio-T Enfield has now added a second Dolby Atmos room to complement the main big demo room.  We are now one of the very few dealers in the UK to have two Dolby Atmos Home Cinema rooms.

Dolby Atmos demo room 2

Our main demo room comprises of a complete Home Cinema system comprising of the following components :

Dolby Atmos Room 1

JVC 7900 4K compliant Projector

Grandview Fixed Frame 106’’ Cinema Screen

Panasonic UB820 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player

New JVC 7900 4K UHD projector

New JVC 7900 4K UHD projector

For your auditory pleasure we have :

Speakers in a Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 System are

PMC Twenty5 26 Left/Right Speakers

PMC Twenty5 Centre

PMC Twenty5 24 Surround Speakers

B&W CCM 665 x4 In Ceiling Dolby Atmos Speakers

REL S5 Super High Output Subwoofer

Marantz AV8005 13.1 Channel Dolby Atmos Processor

Marantz MM8077 7 Channel Power Amp

Marantz and PMC
4k on a 106'' Screen
Mission Impossible Fallout in 4K 106'' Screen

Pop over to Audio-T Enfield and save the money going to the cinema. We guarantee you will be impressed.