Naim ND555 Network Player. Welcome To A New Dimension!

Those fortunate enough to enjoy the extraordinary new ND555 network player at home will be rediscovering their music collection in a more profound and fundamental way than we had anticipated. So great is the advance that Naim have brought to this discipline of music replay, that we salute and thank them sincerely.

The coherence and authority are a joy to behold, with more of everything that makes music special and rewarding. The engagement is palpable and intoxicating.

The undeniable improvement in timing will improve your dancing; if you dance to your music at home that is! To say nothing of conducting skills or air guitar virtuosity...


The ND555 is supplied with a HiLine interconnect and requires a 555PS power supply.  Upgrades to the standard configuration would be the Super Lumina interconnect and addition of a second 555PS power supply.


Our in store demonstration system on Naim Fraim comprising on the left from top ND555, NDS for comparison, NAC252 pre amp, NAP300 power amp, and on the right from top, 555PS DR, NAP300 power supply, Supercap DR.

Comprehensively specified to play your music in many ways. Explore the ND555 here.

A true tour de force and labour of love, the ND555 delivers in spades.

Join us at our


BRIGHTON: Jurys Inn - Brighton Waterfront

THU 13TH SEP, 2018 7:00pm click for tickets.

We are planning to compare the ND555 with the outgoing NDS, using the NAC552 pre amp, NAP500 power amp and ATC SCM50 loudspeakers.

Call 01273 609431 or email to arrange a listen to this fabulous player.

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How about that for attention to detail...

Naim Hi-Fi products are available from all branches of Audio T.