Bowers & Wilkins PX Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Ooze Audiophile Style

It's been a while since our last blog, so we thought we would do something a little different this month. We asked Matt and Tom from our local bespoke tailors Doherty Evans & Stott to let us photo bomb their photo shoot with the B&W PX headphones.

We also made a little video showcasing the B&W PX headphones in all their glory, using DE & S as a back drop. So keep an eye out for Matt looking sharp in a pair of PX headphones.

B&W PX and Chromey-9.jpg

Bowers & Wilkins have always been regarded as a powerhouse Hi-Fi speaker manufacturer, from mid to entry level loudspeakers to their Nautilus flagship, their products always reflect their drive as a company to deliver accurate sound to their customers. So in an ever expanding age of digital music being available to us, manufacturers have to work hard to keep up with tech in our world.

B&W launched their PX series wireless headphones, ticking all the right boxes with APTX Bluetooth, adaptive active noise cancellation, software which combines an application available for your mobile device for control and customisation. 

B&W PX and Chromey-7.jpg

The PX's aren't the priciest headphone in the world yet they do feel reasuringly expensive, they simply ooze quality from the offset, the box to the carry case, everything has been crafted to reflect the price point of a £500+ headphone yet they only cost £330. From the leather/metal headband, the earcups, to the reassuring click of the buttons. Compared to the competition at the price point they are great value and punch way above their weight. Infusing metal with a soft touch leather has paid off to perfection, when you pause and actually look at the design of the headphones, they are truly unique. The way the metal is folded and curved to accomodate the braided cable, this in turn gives the ear cup a solid connection to the headband with little risk of breaking or bending, they look exceptional.

B&W PX and Chromey-8.jpg

Oh, and kudos to B&W for making the high wear parts replaceable i.e. the ear cups and cable. 

B&W PX and Chromey-10.jpg

How do they sound and work?
Soundstage, for a closed back set of cans the PX's are pleasantly surprising. Stereo imaging is accurate and encapsulating, they not only isolate you from the outside noise pollution but also deliver punchy and satisfying sound on your commute. 

The ease of wireless is not to be overlooked either, the range on the headphones in tests at our Manchester shop were up to 10 metres, meaning having your music source in your pocket or bag will be like the using a hot knife to cut through butter when connecting your mobile device to the headphones. Happy days.

Matt from  Doherty Evans & Stott,  purveor of fine clothing and beautifully fitted suits, noted how comfortable the B&W PX's were. 

Matt from Doherty Evans & Stott, purveor of fine clothing and beautifully fitted suits, noted how comfortable the B&W PX's were. 

B&W PX and Chromey-34.jpg

Matt seen here looking very dapper wearing PX headphones by Bowers & Wilkins

Shirt by Eton

Jacket is Made to Measure by Doherty Evans & Stott.

Pocket Square by Doherty Evans & Stott

Right then, as you can see, a lovely set of PX headphones from Bowers & Wilkins.

If you want try them out, we have ours on demonstration at Audio T Manchester.

In the meantime you can see what the world wide web is saying about them here.

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Happy reading, see you at the store.

Words, pictures and video by Munir & Simon.

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