Quad ERA-1 Planar Headphones

I must profess that I am not a regular headphone user. I have always preferred the more natural presentation that you tend to get with a good Hi-Fi with the acoustic subtleties, caused by the room acoustics. However, the new Quad ERA-1 may well change my opinion.


The ERA-1 features a 20-Ohm impedance,m108dB sensitivity and a 10Hz~40kHz frequency response. It comes with two sets of ear pads (one synthetic leather, one genuine sheepskin) a fitted case and detachable (socket-fitted) two-meter cable with 3.5mm jack and 6.3mm adapter included.

Build quality is excellent, with the ERA-1 featuring a comfortable headband and a healthy dose of metal-alloy and plastic throughout its chassis.


The ERA-1 fits comfortably and snugly. Having the choice of pads is surprisingly useful, personally, I preferred the comfort of the sheepskin pads.

The sound of the ERA-1’s is classic Quad: Warm and musical. Possessing superb bass control and extension, combined with tremendous detail and spatial separation. £599 is by no means cheap, however, anyone looking for a pair of high end headphones, should give these Quad ERA-1 headphones some serious consideration.

We have a demonstration pair here at Audio T Oxford, so please do come and have a listen for yourself.

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