Naim Uniti Nova Music Player Shines Brightly

The long awaited Naim Uniti Nova has finally arrived. Joining its little brothers the Uniti Atom and the soon to be released Uniti Star the flagship of the Uniti range has a stellar (sic!) performance and it is beautiful too.


This is effectively the replacement for the Superuniti, but it is a completely revamped streaming system. With an 80W Naim class A/B amplifier it sounds amazing. We've been playing it with PMC and Russell K speakers to great effect. It will stream music across your network, has Tidal and Spotify built in, plays internet radio and has a USB input that will allow playback from an external drive.


The build quality is superb borrowing the beautiful silky volume control we first saw on the Naim Mu-So devices and as for the display...


This high quality LCD screen, with its built in proximity sensor, is easily visible from a distance and displays album art with great flair. There is also a bi-directional remote whose styling mirrors the unit and its volume indicators. Of course the Naim App can be used to control the Uniti Nova as well. There will be a version with DAB/FM radio in the near future as well and we will be able to retro fit that for you if you wish to upgrade the unit in the future.

So if you want an elegant one box system with that wonderful Naim musicality, battleship construction, ease of use, and the ability to drive almost any speaker, you really don't need to look any further than the Naim Uniti Nova


Why not come in and have a look and listen or join us as one of our many Naim Uniti events over the next couple of months.

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