Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature Headphones

When it comes to headphones, Bowers & Wilkins have garnered quite a reputation. The original P5 was a barnstormer, earning plaudits throughout the Hi-Fi industry and tech publications alike.

The world wide web is still awash with reviews of how elegant they look and how great they sound.

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Since then, Bowers & Wilkins have released a plethora of stunning headphones including the the travel sized P3 and the larger P7's, but none have had the Signature moniker attached to them.

Enter the B&W P9's.

Designed using high quality materials such as the as cross-hatched Italian Steffiano leather, composites and beautiful aluminium, the Bowers & Wilkins P9 signatures simply ooze class. 

And to prove they mean business when it comes to high end headphones, Bowers and Wilkins have angled the drive units to improve the stereo image, you will find this method employed in many a high quality headphone. They've even managed to de-couple the cans from the headband to isolate the sound. This reduces outside vibrations that may come back through the headband. The memory foam ear pads (wrapped in leather of course) isolate even further and are very comfortable.

Another nice little touch is the fact that you can replace the cable with the new fangled lightning connection for your shiny new Iphone 7. (B&W will supply the new cable to those of you that register your product on the Bowers & Wilkins website)

Ok, so, how do they sound ?. Well, if you're a fan of B&W speakers then you'll absolutely love the P9's. There is a distinctive Bowers & Wilkins sound here. The P9's have plenty of detail and a solid mid range, very B&W, all rounded off nicely with oodles of bass.. 

Take a peak a some online reviews here. 

What Hifi in particular gave them 5 stars.

Trusted Reviews rated them highly.

The Independent thought they were worth every penny.

Now, to make absolutely sure before you make a purchase, you can pop into our store on Bridge Street, Manchester and try a set on and have a listen.

If you spot Munir, Mike, Dave or Simon loitering around the shop just ask them to plug you in.

Cheers and see you soon.

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