It's A Classic Pro-ject Turntable Unboxing And Set Up At Audio T Preston

The aptly named Pro-Ject “Classic” has been made to celebrate Pro-Ject's 25th anniversary and is a fusion of modern technology and traditional design.

At first glance you would be forgiven for thinking that this is a photo of a Thorens or a Linn turntable from back in the swinging 60's, it is however one of the latest offerings from Pro-Ject Audio.


This new turntable sports a dual plinth design which allows the motor to sit separately from the bearing and tonearm. This helps to greatly reduce unwanted electrical and mechanical noise..

Instead of the bouncy spring loaded isolation of the traditional designs, Pro-Ject have employed “Thermo-Plastic Elastomers” to separate the two plinths. This resonance damping material can also be found lining the aluminium platter.

The Classic also has a new tonearm design made from a combination of carbon fibre and aluminium. It comes pre fitted with the Ortofon 2M Silver moving magnet cartridge an is available in three colours , eucalyptus (black) , rosenut and walnut.

All in all this is a really good looking turntable with fantastic sound quality. Don't believe us? Why not come and see for yourself. Give us a call and book your demonstration today.

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