REL T Series Ti Subwoofers Get Even Better

REL builds on the already solid T range which brings us to the Ti series. The line up consists of 3 new models, the T5i, the T7i & the T9i.

Both 8" and 10" bass engines have been redesigned using a AlloyFibre driver, not only is this lighter, but stiffer than its predecessor. As a result the cabinets have been made stronger to allow the more powerful engines to work without colouration. The active driver on the T7i & T9i are now forward firing, which gives even greater punch and agility.

The new range uses workhorse Class A/B amp designs coupled to REL's lightening fast signal filters allowing them to integrate seamlessly into any Hi-Fi or Home theatre system.

To make installation even easier the Ti series can be upgraded to become wireless using REL's own Arrow wireless system, meaning only a power cable is needed to connect to the back of the sub.

The Ti series offers greater depth with even tighter control over its predecessor (the T series) and even greater improvements can be heard when compared to alternative brands.

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