How To Improve The Resolution, Dynamics And Musicality Of Your Hi-Fi

We all know how upgrading your mains cable, buying better quality interconnects and placing your system on a well designed rack can allow you get the most out of your Hi-Fi investment by improving the resolution, dynamics and musicality.

Now there is a very cost effective solution to stop  RF (Radio Frequencies) from getting back into your system via the speaker cable. Using RF Blockers on the speaker terminals will stop all of the RF mush from getting back into the amplifier. This instantly cleans up the output allowing greater resolution and more insight into your music.

We have tried these little wonders on amplifier and speaker combinations within the store and on our personal systems at home. In nearly every case there was a marked improvement in musicality and resolution.

And I hear you say ' how much for these little wonders'. If I told you you can instantly improve your system for £199.95. You would surely agree they would be worth a try in your own system.

Please call us at the Reading store so we can discuss how we can improve your system.