Dynaudio Emit M10s at Bristol

So, Dynaudio, from the land of fine bacon and cheese come this fine speaker brand.

We are impressed with the Dynaudio range in general (including Emit and Xeo ranges) here at Audio T in Bristol.

So, what can be said about these speakers?

dynaudio emit m10 standmount loudspeaker

dynaudio emit m10 standmount loudspeaker

The Emit M10 is the spiritual replacement for the much loved Audience 42 albeit with many generations of newer technology inside.

They have a classic design - elegant as Dynaudio state - leaving frills aside; they have a beautiful solid finish to them with a good substantial weight when lifting them.


They’re available in two colours: Satin Black Lacquer and Satin White Lacquer.

Dynaudio emit m10 standmount loudspeaker (rear)

Dynaudio emit m10 standmount loudspeaker (rear)

So, to the technical specifications…

Sensitivity: 86 dB into 6 ohms. These is reasonable when partnered with a good amplifier in the same range like the Rega Brio-R for example.

2.8cm diameter soft dome tweeter (high-range) driver for precise highs whilst not sounding in any way edgy.

14cm diameter MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) squawker/woofer (mid-range/low range) driver for a solid, transparent mid-range and a fast and a tight low range performance.

What does it sound like?

I use Our Shadows by Deatoni Parks for low-range and accuracy, Barney Rubble by The Twang for high-end and control, River by Joni Mitchell for soundstage, King Kunta by Kendrick Lamar for low range and detail, Not Above That by Dawn Richard for low range and musicality, So what by Miles Davis for resonance and a breathing sound and the Third Movement From The New World by Dvorak (Decca) for top end control.

With all the above, it performs well…

The throbby low-range on Our Shadows was full-bodied for a stand-mount speaker without sounding flabby, equally, when the breaks come in, it presents them with pace keeping everything in check.

With the wrong setup the high-end can sound piercing and hard on Barney Rubble and From the New World, not so with the Emit M10s, on both, the high-end was well controlled by the soft dome tweeter which made the tracks enjoyable whilst maintaining realism, even when reaching a crescendo during From the New World.

There are two bass lines on King Kunta which only a well-defined system that is able to dissect sound can pick out, these speakers do a great job.

Not above that starts with a low-range ‘bomb’ with a slow build-up, this buildup loses its tension if the sound isn’t involving, not so with these speakers, it has you sitting forward until it reaches the top.

So What is a great old recording and the Dynaudio speakers just breathe as you’re listening to them.

Overall, we’re very impressed with the Dynaudio range (which also includes larger floor-mounts as well as wireless speakers).

We’d love to demonstrate these speakers to you so get in touch or come in and have a listen to these great standmount loudspeakers.

Dynaudio loudspeakers are available from Audio T: