The Yamaha CD-NT670D Is A Box Of Hi-Fi Delights

It is a remarkable box of tricks, encompassing a DAB/FM tuner, a CD player, a network streamer and also Yamaha's MusicCast technology.

It is a fine sounding CD player and radio in its own right, but with MusicCast it can become the core of a very flexible multi-room system. Anything from any MusicCast source component can not only be sent via WiFi to any other MusicCast device, but can also be bluetoothed to any bluetooth enabled device. So you could for example stream music from you NAS drive through the CD-NT670D and then bluetooth it to a portable speaker on the patio.

As the eagle eyed will have spotted, it also has digital and analogue inputs which means the possibilities for bouncing music around your home are endless!

Yamaha have a wide range of components in the MusicCast system including stand-alone speakers and AV receivers which would all work with this wonderful little box. Come in for a chat and we'll tell you all about it.

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