All New Rega Planar 3 Turntable At Audio T Cheltenham

Two years in development Rega have now released the new 2016 version of the iconic Rega Planar 3 turntable.

This is the biggest re-design the Planar 3 has ever seen. In fact the re-design is so drastic that only two components have been carried over from the previous incarnation.

The new turntable offers much improved ergonomics, usability and most importantly much improved musical performance.

Here is an overview of some of the new design features that have so much improved the turntable from the previous Planar 3:

RB330 Tone arm

The culmination of 35 years experience in tone arm design the RB330 offers many key improvements:

1. A brand new bearing housing offering extreme stability for the new improved low friction precision horizontal and vertical bearings.

2. Rega made low capacitance phono cable fitted with Nuetrik phono plugs.

3. Re-designed bias assembly and arm retaining clip

4. 100g mild steel counter weight. 


A new high gloss plinth utilising a laminate construction and double bracing technology offering much better isolation between the platter and tone arm assembly.

Sub Platter

A re-designed sub platter with much improved accuracy and stiffness.

Bearing Housing

A newly designed brass main hub central bearing with improved fit and construction.


The new 12mm glass platter offers greater accuracy and improved appearance due to the 'optiwhite' polished rim.

24V Motor

The new 24V motor with improved motor PCB that is supplied with an external 24V power supply (The new Planar 3 still retains the option of additional external TT-PSU Power Supply)

Re-Designed Isolation Feet

The new improved feet offer increased stability and reduce unwanted vibration transfer.

Musical Performance

We set a system comprising of the new Planar 3, Rega Elicit amplifier and a pair of Neat Acoustics SX3 loudspeakers. Bearing in mind that the Planar 3 is brand new out of the box initial listening was quite outstanding. We would have to say that the turntable really has redefined the sound quality that can be achieved from a turntable at this price.

The sense of depth and stereo separation were second to none. The bass was weighty and informative. Coupled with a very open midrange and high frequency performance that was exceptionally detailed with no hint of aggression. 

This really is an outstanding turntable for the cost outlay. If you want to get back into vinyl without the expense of a high end turntable the new Planar 3 really will let you hear why vinyl is still considered to be the most informative way to listen to music.

The Planar 3 is available in high gloss black and white finishes. It comes fitted with the Rega Elys 2 cartridge at £625.00 (Saving £44.00) or without cartridge at £550.00 Inc VAT.

Now available for demonstration.

Why not bring some of your favourite records along and come and have a listen. We look forward to seeing you - Jon and Farid

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