Rewind Sound & Vision, The Bristol Show 2016 (A Pictorial View From The Darkside)

The crowds gather outside The Marriot for The Sound & Vision, The Bristol Show 2016.

The Empire also sent along their lone Stormtrooper to weed out any rebels and start a collection for charity. The Emperor needs a new zimmer frame!

Boss! it's looking empty in here, only a few pennies. why you fail my faithful side kick, that is why you fail. Right!! I'm switching to live ammo!!! 

The Chord Company and Chord Electronics provided the cables and electronics for the live headphone demo in the foyer.

Ahh, the Chord Hugo.

No photos please, and if you'd like to avoid any Imperial entanglements, please give me money. It's for a a very good cause.

This isn't the General Manager I was looking for, run Kevin run...

Chromey was mixing it up the new DJ deck from Audio Technica.

Dynaudio, by far, had one of the best sounding rooms at the Bristol Show.

iFi Audio produced some very impressive sound from some of the cutest micro Hi-Fi at the show.  

Keith Monks record cleaning machine.

The evergreen Max Townshend was showing me how even the slightest seismic vibrations can effect sound quality.

A very effective demonstration. 

The PMC room sounded wonderful as usual.

The spectacular BB5 from PMC. 

That's BB5 Chromey not BB 8, search your move along.

The Vertere Reference turntable.

Right Dave, stick a fiver into my charity collection bucket and the Emperor needn't know that you're a scruffy looking Nerf herder.

Let me see your identification you rebel scum.

He ain't Heavy, he's My Brother, in fact, he only weighs 4.43 grams.

Farewell and adieu until 2017.


Dennis the stormtrooper managed to collect almost £500 for a childrens hospital.

So thanks to all who contributed.