Pro-Ject Tube Box DS Valve Phono Stage Offers Great Valve-ue For Money!

This compact versatile valve phono stage has been taking our store by storm! A fantastic upgrade for any vinyl lover looking for that classic valve warmth! (apologies for the title I couldn't help myself!)

Last year Project updated their excellent Tube Box SE II and replaced it with the Tube Box DS. Let's go over the basics first, the two 12AX7/ECC83 tubes, poke out the top of the very well manufactured box and come into effect at the output stage of the phono stage, a solid state amp handles the initial amplification. The tubes are encircled with metallic tube coolers which means that they don't get too hot and which considerably increases their lifespan.

The DS boasts compatibility for both MM and MC cartridges and further customisation comes in the form of the jumper-plug selected settings on the back of the unit. There is a subsonic switch which can help calm down any low-end rumble under 20hz. the input gain can then be set to the best level depending on the system being used. The input capacitance and impendence can both also be customised to best match the cartridge on your tonearm. This amount of customisation is uncommon on phono stages in this price range and means the TubeBox can be matched to a huge variety of cartridges.

So how does it sound? We tested the Tube Box DS with a Pro-ject Debut Carbon turntable with a Ortofon 2m red cartridge. After the phono box we went through the Nytech CP202/CPA404 pre and power amplifier combo and finally through a pair of Spendor D7 loudspeakers.

We played a variety of vinyl through the system, spanning many genres and several aspects stood out to us. The DS gives a wonderful spaciousness, notably with classical recordings, the sound stage gave an immersion that just made you want to carry on listening all day. The little box also showed up well with a strong and accurate low end  response  and a good deal of clarity in the midrange allowing for a very enjoyable experience where vocals are concerned. Of course the main feature is that it is a valve phono stage, and the warmth that it delivered because of this was outstanding.

Overall the Pro-Ject Tube Box DS is fantastic value for money, it's a very different approach from many of its competitors in it's price range due to its valves and being customisable, this is backed up by a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.

The Tube Box DS is available to demo in store so as always please feel free to book a session and listen for yourself.

Pro-Ject Tube Box DS

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