Unison Research Simply Italy. An Italian Job That Won't Blow Your Bloody Doors Off!

Audio T Manchester now have the wonderful Unison Research Simply Italy to add to our stock profile. This little beauty picks up the mantle from the equally wonderful Simply Two amplifier.

Sharing many of the characteristics and sonic attributes of the Simply Two, the Simply Italy is a more compact design with a shoe box size footprint, a single ended ultralinear class A design with 12 watts of power and utilizing LE34 valves in the output stage and ECC82 in its pre-amplifier and driver stages. Perfectly suited for small to medium size living rooms.

Unison Research have been around for more than 20 years. The Simply Italy is made at the Unison Research factory in Italy. 

The beautiful wooden panel not only looks good but helps to dampen any chassis resonances.

Nice and simple! An Input selector with a tape loop and the volume dial.

A small toggle switch takes care of the negative feedback and allows adjustments of 1.8db or 5db. You can switch between settings while listening, we prefered the 5db setting but the choice is yours. So you can tailor the sound to your musical tastes.

Chromey thinks he's back in his old pod racing days, that's not a gear lever matey. Bless him...

What Hi-Fi? reviewed the Simply Italy and loved it. Read the review here.

Canada Hifi also reviewed the Simply Italy here.

How many valves do you see?

The Russian made pentode EL34 valves and the ECC82 twin triodes with Chromey the clone trooper, all round super nice guy.

Behind bars for living a life of chrome.....ba dum tish.

Our Simply Italy valve amplifier is on demonstration at our Manchester store.  You may spot it sitting there proudly as part of our window display. So come along to the store and take a peek or even a listen if you so choose.

Keep an eye out for Dave, Munir, Mike, Simon and Haden who will be more than willing to help.

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