Project Essential MkIII Turntable A Stunning Record Player For Christmas

Those lovely people at Pro-ject have given us an early Christmas present with their new Essential MKIII turntable

This is a major step up in "performance for the money" over its predecessor the MkII. It has a new acrylic platter which would have been unheard of at this price point a few years's only £239! A quality main bearing and a "proper" tonearm with good bearings and adjustability.

The cartridge is a step up on the old model as well, the Essential MkIII now has an Ortofon OM10 which has a better stylus than the OM5e on the previous model.

Also the Essential MkIII comes with a new high gloss finish in three colours: Black, White and Red. The usual sturdy acrylic lid is included to keep your turntable dust free. The external pulley allows quick speed change without having to remove the platter.

All in all we think the Project Essential MkIII is going to be a big hit so why not come in and have a listen.

Paul, Francis, Jason, and of course Boswell.

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