Cyrus Phono Signature At Audio T Cardiff

In this month’s blog we are taking a look at the Cyrus Phono Signature, the phono stage that Cyrus are saying is” arguably the most advanced phono pre amplifier available anywhere in the world today.”

Cyrus has designed the Phono Signature for dedicated vinyl audiophiles and it shows in both the features and sound quality that it produces. The first feature that caught our attention is the four turntable connections; this is brilliant news for anyone with multiple turntables or cartridges. Each of the inputs may be adjusted separately to match the specifications of a specific cartridge and the tonal preferences of the listener, the settings may then be saved to memory for next time.

Speaking of settings, there are plenty, each individual input may be adjusted between moving magnet or moving coil as well as the gain, resistance and capacitance being customisable.  In addition there is a switchable warp filter. This settings increase the potential of your turntable, maximising performance. The settings can all be altered from the front panel as well as from your listening position via the included remote control.

The Phono Signature has stereo output meters which work in real time allowing clear and accurate gain adjustments. This simple but brilliant feature is a big help in optimising the headroom available from your system for each moving coil cartridge. The Cyrus also boasts very high performance components in the signal path including metalized polyester capacitors, which help deliver an incredibly accurate depiction of the vinyl. As if the phono stage doesn’t sound good enough already it can be further upgraded with a Cyrus psx-r power supply.

The Cyrus Phono Signature is a brilliant update from its predecessor the Phono X due to its additional inputs and tonal control. Its flexibility of use means that music is presented with a strong dynamic performance no matter the cartridge or turntable used, going even as far as rebalancing imperfect vinyl with the correct adjustments.

The Phono Signature is currently available in our store for demonstration. Get £200 off by trading in any other Phono stage until the end of February!

Cyrus Phono Signature   - £1,199.95 - (SAVE £200 When you trade in your old phono stage - Ends 29th February 2016

Cyrus Hi-Fi products are available from the following branches of Audio T: Brentwood