Project Tube Box DS Phono Valve Pre-Amplifier Is Warm & Musical

For those of you who have succumbed to the recent vinyl revival we now have an excellent selection of phono pre-amplifiers in store


Our favourite is the rather excellent

Tube Box DS from Project

which offers performance second to none at its price of £425. This solid well made little unit is compatible with all MC and MM cartridges and is fully adjustable for capacitance and impedance to fine tune its performance.

It's an ultra low noise design using audiophile grade components throughout and a low resonance case with silver or black facia. It features two CC83 output valves giving it a warm but clean and detailed presentation to your favourite records. With winter on its way it will warm your living room and keep you enjoying music well into the early hours. Brandy is optional!

Please feel free to contact us here in Oxford to arrange a demonstration on this latest addition to our extensive range of Hi-Fi products. Your vinyl collection has never sounded so good!

Project products are also available at the following branches of Audio T: