Wireless Cans just got better!

Sennheiser have released their new series of Wireless headphones with some very interesting new features.

We have chosen to look at the RS195 which are the current top of the range models.

Most of the wireless headphones we sell are used to listen to the TV, with this new range of "RS" series Sennheiser have addressed this with some very interesting new features.

First of all, lets have a look at the how to get them set up.

Getting them out of the box and upacking you can see that have extremely good quality packing which is alway reassuring. You get a mini jack cable and an optical cable supplied which more often than not is something else you have to buy!

The next job is to insert the batteries and get them on charge which again is a very simple task. Once the batteries are in it's time for the all important first charge. We always recommend that the first charge should be an uninterupted full charge. The cradle has an indicator to let you know when the batteries are full and ready to use. In general use from here on in just use them and charge them as needed, you don't have to wait for them to charge fully if you want to use them for an hour or so just use them as required.

Once the light is green it's away to go! So ... how do they sound? As with the previous models they are extremely good considering they are wireless, plenty of power and bass response which is one thing that is usually thought of as what you loose from a wireless headphone.

And on to the clever bits that Sennheiser have added to enhance TV and music listening.

Three seperate modes are available tailoring the sound to the listener and the source. TV listening is the common problem we come across where speech is simply not clear enough for a lot of people from the TV broadcast. The "Speech mode" is the one that will make these headphones appeal to a lot of people, it really enhances the speech as it says on the tin! "Music mode" and "Personalised listening" are also available so you can tweek to your hearts content. We mainly listened to them straight out of the box with a CD player.

And what about the range? Well.... Adrian has found a use for them quite a way from the transmitter!

If you hadn't considered buying wireless headphones because you thought they didn't sound very good then think again.... or .... come in and have a listen!